Heritage Group

The Marcellin Heritage Group comprises of Old Collegians who are dedicated to documenting the early history of the College, especially where records have been lost or are incomplete. They work with the College archivist to 'fill in the gaps' regarding the names of people in photos or where other official journals of the College contain inaccurate or incomplete data. The group meets periodically at Rivat House, and in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, work through a project or assignment and present their findings. These meetings usually produce a story or anecdote about an Old Collegian or former staff member that is noteworthy which helps us 'join the dots' of the Marcellin narrative. All are welcome. Please contact Lisa Gillies in the Foundation office if you are keen to be part of this group. 0451 168 655 or via E-Mail

(L to R) Richard Olive, Peter Ruddock

(L to R) Brian Buxton, Brian Millane

(L to R) John Walsh, Brian Millane, Richard Olive, Peter Ruddock