Connecting with our Old Collegians

We are keen to reconnect to as many Old Collegians and former staff as possible. We are delighted to have an enthusiastic team of 'Canterbury Roaders' helping us track down the whereabouts of our early Camberwell cohorts (from 1950-1963) and so far have been able to find many of our 'lost' Old Boys.  

However this is a never ending task and applies equally to even our most recent Old Collegians - as people change jobs, houses, email addresses etc. If you think you could assist us with information about the whereabouts of an Old Collegian, then please take the time to complete the form on this page (as many times as you like).

Information collected will be used ONLY for Old Collegians communications and events.   


Help us find the whereabouts of our Old Collegians that we have lost contact with.  Any clues and tips are welcome.

Old Collegian's Name *
Old Collegian's Name
This is the year the Old Collegian would have finished their final year at Marcellin i.e. their 6th Year of Secondary Schooling. If someone left say at the end of Form 5 (Year 11) in 1975 their Alumni year is 1976.
Mobiles are the most useful, but feel free to add any home or work numbers
Note, any clues here are helpful - e.g. Lives in Tasmania
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