Brian Millane, School Dreamer Who Made Good

Brian Millane started at Canterbury Rd in 1953 and endured ten years there until he completed Matriculation in 1962. The word ‘endured’ is deliberately chosen, because Brian is remembered by many of his colleagues as being on the wrong end of the stick – literally – through much of that time.  He recently penned an extensive memoire of the period in which he relives numerous dark days. Upon reflection, he says, “The culture of imposed discipline served me well in terms of my own resilience,” but laments that it did little to promote his own personal or academic development.

Through all this, he remembers Br Bede and Pop Evans most affectionately of all his teachers.

Brian was one of those who fancied hanging around the Camberwell Junction after school to see what delights might erase thoughts of yet another miserable day at school. One day he met demure Siena girl, Michel Gaven, and life changed. “I married the most beautiful and softest person. I never dreamed that she might think of me as a partner – yet here we are, over 50 years later, together and still enjoying one another and marvelling at the dynasty we have created.” That dynasty comprises 4 children, 10 grand-children, and (as of March 2014) 2 great-grandchildren.


Brian and Michel moved to Sydney, where he picked up his academic studies. He graduated from the University of NSW with a Bachelor of Hospital Management, and progressed his career through a series of senior appointments in hospital administration across Victoria, culminating in him being the Deputy CEO of both the Austin Hospital and Western Hospital and the CEO of the Manningham Centre nursing home and hostel.

Michel and Brian now live in retirement at Healesville, where they recently celebrated Brian’s 70th birthday. He lists his interests as computing and internet, fishing and boating, gardening, reading, ‘home handyman stuff’, food and wine, music, genealogy and ephemera. He is robust in both mind and body.