Stan O'Loughlin, Surgeon and Connoisseur

1960 was probably a unique year in the history of Marcellin. Of the 45 graduating Year 12 students, five went on to become medical specialists. For some of them their vocation to medicine probably was not decided until their school results were known, but for one, Stan O’Loughlin, the path to medicine was long chosen. All through his schooldays Stan let his classmates know that he would be following his father, also named Stan, into medical practice, most probably into surgery.

He studied at the University of Melbourne, received his specialist qualification in General Surgery from the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, and then proceeded to Edinburgh and Oxford for post graduate training in orthopaedic surgery. In 1977 Stan returned to Melbourne and joined the staff at Dandenong Hospital where he rose to be head of the Orthopaedics Department, and eventually head of orthopaedic training in Victoria.

At school Stan had represented Marcellin in swimming and athletics, but he distinguished himself in another area, music, a strength of the O’Loughlin family but one which was not taught at Marcellin at the time. To this day he plays piano and trumpet, and otherwise enriches his days in retirement with reading, swimming, sailing, golf and travel. Stan and his American-born wife, Louise, live at Metung, overlooking the Gippsland Lakes. Louise utilises her acting and stage background to the benefit of the local theatrical group.

For years Stan has merged his loves of travel and music to make annual pilgrimages to Bayreuth in Germany to take in the Wagnerian festival. For six years he served as President of the Victorian Richard Wagner Society, and has produced and edited the Society newsletter for ten years. He says that he would never have predicted during his school days that he would develop such an interest in Wagner.

Looking back, like many of his contemporaries, it is Brother Eustace whom he remembers most fondly. Also, he feels a particular debt to Brother Kenneth, “One of the few who encouraged independent thought.”

And is there to be a third generation of “Stanley O’Loughlin, Orthopaedic Surgeon”? Fate has deemed otherwise. Stan’s three children, Kirsten, Gretel and Scarlett, are all female.