2017 Canterbury Roaders Luncheon

It was three from three as once again Melbourne's beautiful Autumn weather turned on a treat for our annual Canterbury Roaders celebration at Marcellin College.  The Luncheon was preceded by Mass that was celebrated in the St Marcellin Champagnat Chapel.  Old Collegians Fr Pat Harvey and Fr Peter Ferwerda were our concelebrants whilst Old Collegian Br Michael Herry provided the musical accompaniment.

The congregation took up Michael's challenge to 'not hold back' in joining in the singing. Old Collegian Rob McQuillen provided the appropriated baritone base that the remainder were happy to fall into line behind as mass was celebrated with beautiful purpose.  Pat's thoughtful homily, punctuated with humorous 'Canterbury Road' anecdotes and recollections was a special part of the service.  It was great to see Old Collegian Michael Drummond presenting the First Reading.

Following Mass we held a tour of the College.  Foundation Director Chris Mirabella deputised for College Principal Mr Mark Murphy who was an apology as he was having some well deserved family time.  Former Principal Mr Paul Herrick was also on hand to field any questions.  One highlight was the inspection of the construction in progress at the College.   

Pre-luncheon drinks were held on the balcony of the Functions Room overlooking the beautifully curated main oval. After being ushered into the room proper for taking their seats for lunch, there was the welcome formalities including grace said by Fr Peter Ferwerda. There was already a palpable buzz in the room as conversations were being had left and right. We welcomed many new faces this year, and one highlight was the presence of the five Molan brothers; Tim, Paul, Chris, David & Maurice.  Our first enrolled Marcellin family (the Hastings) were represented by Richard Hastings, our first student through the gate on the first day, Brian McCrohan was there as was our oldest surviving Alumnus Anthony Donovan. Richard Olive lead our keynote presentation; a 'recreation' of the Marcellin Debating team's visit to the Channel 7 studios in the 1950s. Joining the conversation was fellow debaters Brendan Millane and Richard O'Sullivan. This brilliant retelling of the experience was a wonderful highlight of the afternoon. It even prompted some impromptu contributions from the floor. Lifetime buddies Bill Rogers and Bill Clancy presented the Foundation with some of their personal memorabilia and recounted some of the stories associated with it.  In between the courses and the formalities, the guests didn't waste a minute of their precious time together as stories were shared, memories relived and an importantly friendships rekindled.  Another brilliant day.  Special thanks to Prue O'Shannessy and Lisa Gillies for their brilliant organisation. 



Old Collegians, Fr Pat Harvey (foreground) and Fr Peter Ferwerda concelebrated mass

Br Michael Herry fms

Rob McQuillen 

Old Collegians inspecting the historical photographs in the College's front office

Old Collegians inspecting the new building works

The Molan Brothers - L-R Tim, Paul, Chris, David & Maurice

Richard O'Sullivan, Brendan Millane and Richard Olive recount the debating team's visit to HSV7 

Bill Rogers and the missing page in one of his schoolbooks

Bill Clancy and some Canterbury Roaders memorabilia