Sport early days memories

Cricket at Canterbury Road in the Late 50s - Peter Higgins

Cricket was very laid back at Marcellin prior to the Associated Grammar Schools era. First term was either cricket or swimming (at Camberwell Baths) and there were very few cricketers beyond those playing inter-school matches. Open Age and Under 15's were the only teams. We played about 3-4 matches each year including against CBC Parade, De La Salle, St Bedes Mentone and Camberwell Grammar.  

Did we win? Did we lose? I have no idea. It seemed like something to do on a Wednesday afternoon.

Cricket training? One year I recall having a bat and a bowl in the school yard after school..... with concrete pitch and cork balls. We were never ready to handle the turf pitches and real leather cricket balls hurled at us by the 'enemy'. And I do remember one (and only one) practice match (probably Under 15). Other than that I guess teams were picked based on 'form' shown in the school yard at recess times when we lined up to take our turns to bowl, batsmen were supposed to retire after 8 balls, over the head was out but we beat that system and different syndicates 'waxed' to keep the bat within their group.  

Fortunately a (very) few team members also played at weekends with real cricket teams and could bring that experience to bear. Standout being Kevin Carroll from Hawthorn East Melbourne District team but others who stood out were fast bowler Graeme Emery-Smith, wicketkeeper John Elsom and opening batsmen Brady and McGregor and Peter Ruddock when he was not participating in swimming along with Len Jerrems.