Sport early days memories

Cricket in 1959 - John Cotter

In 1959 I opened the batting for Marcellin with Kevin Carroll - it was an interesting combination as I was a dour left hander whilst Kevin had every shot along the lines of a classical batsman.

Training was in the nets at the back of the school and Br. Crispin (Coach) read the riot act as regards "Going the bash" and everyone was ordered to be circumspect with their stroke play. This suited my style of play - until - John Zika bowled me a rank long hop! Unable to resist I went for a cover drive which - to my horror - became a lofted off drive which sailed out of the yard (Over the high wire fence) and through a window of the adjoining property!

After hearing the noise of glass smashing, Brother Crispin ordered me to go apologise. Apparently this was the Porter household (The Porter twins dived at Melbourne Olympics) and Mrs Porter marched me through to the kitchen where the ball sat in the kitchen sink amongst the glass, lettuce, tomato etc. After a mumbled incoherent apology I don't believe a 16 year old made a quicker retreat from a house!

Nothing more was ever said about this incident - my parents were not called upon to pay for the window but Br. Crispin did not pick me again for the 1st eleven! At least I was fortunate to avoid Br. Ludovic and his instrument of torture!

Looking back over a cricket career that extended for 40 years I still have trouble believing I played that shot - which was so out of character! It must have been a pretty ordinary delivery!