Sport early days memories

Recollections of sport at Marcellin - Richard Hastings

The sports that I was involved in were Football, Athletics and Gymnastics and the two sports I represented Marcellin in were Football and Athletics.
Gymnastics were essentially various jumps and tumbles over the vaulting horse and were generally conducted late in the year in preparation for the Speech Night.
This involved running and jumping off a spring board and vaulting or doing summersaults and landing on a mat and running off to allow the boy following to complete his assigned exercise.
In 1956, my final year at the college, the gymnastics team were being put through their exercises and learning the sequence for each one in preparation for the final night.
If I recall correctly Br. Evangelist was the trainer and we had achieved some proficiency under his tuition, but on the speech night for some undisclosed reason Br. Evangelist handed over the role to a person who had had no experience and certainly did not know the  sequence of the exercises.  
The result was not a disaster as no-one was hurt but there was a considerable amount of hesitation.
I had the final exercise which involved a summersault without touching anything or any-one over four boys lying on top of one-another on the horse. This took the stranger totally by surprise and he was nowhere near in position if something had gone wrong. 

Football highlights were the trips to Assumption College Kilmore where our team was thrashed on a regular basis. We were coached initially by Br. Evangelist and later by Br. Stanislaus, but it made no difference. On these occasions we would have a meal with the boarders, which was always a lot of fun as we were treated as long lost friends before boarding the coach for our return to Marcellin.
Training involved walking to the oval in Rathmines Road but not much discussion on tactics etc.
The intra-school games were umpired by one of the Brothers and I recall Br. Eustace standing in the middle of the field and umpiring from there. If the ball was down one end of the field he would blow his whistle and award a free kick to return the ball to the centre.

Athletics. I was at Marcellin from 1950 through to 1955 and in these 6 (six) years I won the athletics cup for my age.
1950 Under 12, 1951 Under 13, 1952 Under 15, (the qualifying date was changed) 1953 Under 16 and 1954 and 1955 the Open.
Generally there was no training for athletics until I was competing in the Open age group and then Br. Ludovic provided the supervision, however I do recall that in 1955 the men’s Australian hurdles champion was present and tested several of the Athletics group. From this I was selected for further training and represented the school at inter school competitions, but this was the only formal training at the time