Sport early days memories

Tennis at Marcellin

My recollection of Tennis at Marcellin is that I represented Marcellin once, I think in 1956. 
With Peter Tripcony, we played against Parade at courts near the old St. Kilda train station.
We were selected by Bro. Ludovic. No trials before hand, I do not even know if he had seen either of us play.
We most probably travelled to the courts by train with Bro. Ludovic.
We were thrashed by Parade. Brian Beers and a very good left hander, I think his name was Hobbs.
The format was one set of singles each, I played Brian Beers and lost 6-1, Peter lost 6-0, and we lost the doubles, 6-0.
I do not recall if any other age groups played at that venue on that day.