Special thanks to Old Collegian David Mirabella for donating his time and equipment to record these videos.

Marcellin College Principal, Mr Mark Murphy makes the keynote address to guests at the 65th Anniversary Luncheon


Angelo Vasta travelled from Brisbane to attend the Marcellin 65th Anniversary Luncheon. Here he talks about those early days, one of his motivators to become involved in the Law and his mates from school days.

Brian Renwick talks about his fond memories of Marcellin and how he loves to stay in touch with his mates from school.


Michael Derum and his fellow Old Collegians panelists take guests back on a funny (and sometimes sombre) journey back through Marcellin history with their personal reflections.

Marcellin Old Collegian John Paphazy talks about his experience at Marcellin in the 1950s, being a Hungarian-born boy with limited English in an Anglo-Irish school and how a quirk of his profession brought him back to the school later in life.

At the Marcellin 65th Anniversary Luncheon Dennis Clarebrough talks about his Marcellin experience. The positive influence the College had on his life and his career.